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Who we are



Argensinter is a family business, which was created by the end of 1950.  Nowadays, more than 30 specialized employees work in our company, which manufactures exclusively hard metal and special tools according to the client’s specifications. 

Argensinter has its own equipment and plant.  These include a modern analysis laboratory so as to guarantee deliveries in accordance with the customer’s requests, such as hardness, rugosity, etc.  The machines used to sinter, a critical process in the manufacturing of hard metal, are totally automatized and controlled by computer in their main variables, so as to assure the similarity and uniformity among the different pieces.

In Argensinter we believe that there are four main competitive variables:

  • quality

  • price

  • delivery schedule

  • service

As quality and price are variables controlled by the market, Argensinter has given the delivery schedule and the service connected with their products priority, so as to turn them into its competitive advantage. 

That is why, year after year, Argensinter has organized its production system, orientating it towards the manufacturing of small amounts of  pieces, in order to be able to deal successfully with the client’s requests.

Furthermore, we have given special importance to service, trying to give quick responses to technical consults and to prices enquires, to deliver the products on schedule at our clients’ plants and to enable a clear identification of our products, etc.

By the beginning of the 1980’s, Argensinter began as a mainly Latin American exporting company.  Nowadays, it exports its products to several countries of North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Argensinter continues to improve its equipment and production and administrative processes, seeking to offer better services and products to its clients.





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